Terms & Conditions

1. General information

InnEsposende Sports Hostel (Funfrequency, Lda.) is a Portuguese registered company settled in Esposende, Portugal.

It offers accommodation in a hostel located in Esposende as well as services in the area of hostelry and tourism.

If you’re experiencing any problem or if you don’t understand the content of this document, please, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone: (+351)253179868 or by e-mail: [email protected].

The accommodation and services provided by the InnEsposende Sports Hostel are available for consultation at the hostel (Esposende) as well as on its website. Information on services can also be provided, if requested, through other channels such as email, phone and social medias.

Those terms and conditions can be modified, revoked or amended at any time, without prior notification. The InnEsposende Sports Hostel reserves itself the liberty to modify rules, procedures, prices lists and regulations with no prior notice.

2. Bookings Conditions

The following rules apply to all bookings of accommodation or accommodation and services:
Clients should pay a deposit fee of 25% in the first 48 hours after the reservation, and the remaining value (75% of the final value) until 14 days prior to the arrival day. The client has the choice to pay full value immediately after the reservation if preferable. If the booking is made less than 14 days before arrival, full payment is mandatory in the first 48 hours after reservation to confirm the booking.

3. Cancellation policy

The following rules apply to all bookings of accommodation or accommodation and services:
A full refund of the first payment value is possible if requested until 30 days before the date of check-in. If the first payment was done only 30 days or less before the date of arrival to the camp, a full refund is only possible if requested until 3 days after the date of booking. If a refund is due, the InnEsposende Sports Hostel will do it until 14  working days after the request. For the cancellation to be valid, a written email should be addressed to [email protected], with name, date of booking, and proof of payment.

Any specific or missing issue regarding the cancellation will be analyzed by our administrative service and one or several binding options will be given over a period of 30 days after the issue was reported. Any issue can be reported at any time by sending an email to this address: [email protected].

4. Special discount policies

Discount campaigns can be launched by the InnEsposende Sports Hostel, allowing clients to access a discount if full payment is made until a specific date set on the campaign details. In these cases, full payment is due until 48 hours after booking to validate the reservation. In the case of a booking under a discount campaign, the cancellation policy is no refund in case of no show.

The InnEsposende Sports Hostel reserves the right to launch or modify new early bird campaigns without prior notification.

5. Payments

Payments, deposits and booking fees can be made:

– At the reception of the InnEsposende Sports Hostel with most of the credit cards, including Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express, and by cash.

– Online, through our website booking system or by bank transfer.

6. Image rights

By accepting our terms & conditions, the client assigns all images rights and grants to the InnEsposende Sports Hostel the authorization to use the photos and videos footages recorded in or outside of its facilities, for marketing and advertisement purposes, as well as for publication on the websites and social networks, with all rights reserved.

7. Data protection and privacy policy

The InnEsposende Sports Hostel ensures the confidentiality of the personal information provided by its clients, in application of the EU Law 67/98 – Personal Data Protection Law of 26th of October 1998.

8. Health conditions and specific needs

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he is in good health condition, both physically and mentally, during his stay at the InnEsposende Sports Hostel.

The InnEsposende Sports Hostel may be able to adapt its services to people with specific needs or requirements as well as to people with physical and/or functional disabilities. Any question or specific request about those specific cases can be addressed, before booking, by email at [email protected]. If possible, arrangements to adjust to the client’s needs will be made.

9. Restrictions & Omissions

Overall, it is forbidden to:

– Smoke inside the facilities,

– Interfere with the equipment, furniture and belongings of the InnEsposende Sports Hostel without the approval of at one of the staff members,

– Carry any dangerous, toxic or harmful substance,

– Provide or sell any service or good to others, by persons or by entities, in any of the InnEsposende Sports Hostel facilities,

– Use violent gestures and/or actions, or show a lack of consideration and respect towards any of the staff members and/or other clients, at any time.

In addition to the cancellation policy explained under the paragraph 3, and accordingly with the European Union regulations, our customers have the right to cancel and their booking within 14 days after the day of the purchase without any justification.

In case of any issue of conflict, in respect to cases omitted in the regulations mentioned in this document, the parties should refer to the current law.